This is introduction of iOS applications that Design-Whoa released.

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Released only in Japan

To a person worried about PM2.5 all over Japan. The situation of PM2.5 as of now is displayed with numerical value by Map and a graph. It is free application to be separated by color by an environmental standard, and to understand at first sight.

[ Recommended point of the PM2.5 monitor ]
* The current numerical value of PM2.5 displayed on the Map separates it by color by Ministry of the Environment, an environmental standard of WHO. It is plain at first sight.
* You can watch the state of the change of the PM2.5 level of most recent ten hours of the spot that I chose from the PM2.5 measurement station of the all over Japan with a line graph. Of course the graph separates it by color by Ministry of the Environment, an environmental standard of WHO, too.
* There is no troublesome setting. It is easy and is usable immediately.
* It displayed around the present location. Please use it as a barometer of the daily life (laundry, opening and shutting of the window, going out)
* The numerical value is based on Ministry of the Environment air pollution material wide area monitoring system (SORAMAME).

[about data]
This application is based on the information of the Ministry of the Environment air pollution material wide area monitoring system (SORAMAME). Ministry of the Environment, each local public entity and National Institute for Environmental Studies hold the copyrights such as data. It is a preliminary figure, and the displayed data are not decision levels. The preliminary figure may be revised as a result of data inspection later. Please consider it as a guide.

[about measurements from (SORAMAME HP extract)]
Because the equivalent confirmation with the filter sampling - mass method that is a standard assay at this stage is difficult about the one hour value provided by an automatic measuring machine, about the microparticulate matter (PM2.5), I handle it as "a reference level".
In addition, it may be in a negative value, but, by error factors in the principle of measurement of the automatic measuring machine, a one hour value decides to treat a negative value as the same value including a verge calculating the daily mean when microparticulate matter density is very low.

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     "pairAsanas" is a free card GAME capable of learning YOGA asanas (poses).

When asanas paired, name and prospective effects and points of the Asana will be displayed. ( editorial supervision of yoga instructor )
This game has levels from 1 to 5. At level 2~4, confusion by color and rotation of cards complicate this game. At level 5, cards are shuffled each time, memory is not useful at all. You have no method except intuition.

The probability to clear level5 at eight times ( smallest number of times ) : It is 1/15 × 1/13 × 1/11 × 1/9 × 1/7 × 1/5 × 1/3 = 1/2,027,025. The person with good intuition!, try level 5.

You can register the result with the ranking of each level and look anytime. ( by connecting to the Internet )

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Ninja Info in Japan

"Ninja info" is an app to provide the information about Ninja. "Ninja info" introduces the facilities which featured the theme of a Ninja in Japan on map. In addition to browsing of each website, you can share screenshots and the site URL with your friends in E-mail and SNS. You can take the screenshot of the Ninja whom you like, and you can save it in your camera roll. "Look for the same Ninja" is a card game in which player gather pairs of Ninjas. Cards turn. Please memorize they well. "Shuriken Othello" is the fighting game with a Ninja. At first, choose the favorite Shuriken and enjoy it. Please use our application (Ninja info) after the consent to ”precautions for use”.

"Shuriken Othello" is the fighting game with a ninja. --- "Important Notes" --- *Notices - We do not guarantee the accuracy of data and contents of each web site. It is customer's responsibility for the use of this application. - In game, cards turn. Be careful not to get feel dizzy. When you came to feel sick, stop playing game immediately. - Music and sound effects come out at this application use. *Disclaimers - We are not responsible of any loss or other detriments as a result of the use of this application.